Panabaka Lakshmi
Father’s Name:
Shri Venkatesware Rao
Permanent Address:
(i) Vill. Venkana Palem, (Mandal) Kota, Nellore-524001 (Andhra Pradesh )
(ii) 605/1, Lancers Barrocks, Secunderabad (Andhra Pradesh) Tel.(022) 832038
Date & Place of Birth:

6 October 1958

Vill.Kavali in Distt.Nellore(Andhra Pradesh)

Educational Qualifications:
M.A., LL.B. (Studying) Educated at Andhra University Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh)
Political and Social Worker, Agriculturist
Position Held :
1996 Elected to Lok Sabha (Eleventh)
Marital Status:
Married on 7 December 1985
Name of the Spouse:
Shri Panabaka Krishnaiah
Number of Children:
Two daughters
Social and Cultural Activities :
Secretary, South-Central Railway Women's Welfare Organisation, Secunderabad Division; Member, `Snehalaya', Hyderabad; Hon. Member, `Nrityabharath', Hyderabad
Special Interest:
Social Service, working for Congress Party, upliftment of the downtrodden and the common poor (especially women) and child development
Favourite Pastime &
Reading, social service, music and spending time with children
Sports and Clubs :
Badminton, tennis and carrom
Other Information :
Active participation in social service, working for boosting the image of Congress party in Nellore District; frequent interaction with women workers of the party



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