congratulates Ramnarayana and is gungho about the development of Nellore town as well as the district.

Nelloreans must be very happy for the allocation Municipal Administration and urban development portfolio to him. Hope Nellore gets a new look sooner than we can dream of.
Wednesday, May 27, 2009 congratulates Tikkavarapu Venkatram Reddy son of late Tikkavarapu Chandrasekar Reddy, on the victory of Deccan Chargers.

Venkatram is the Managing Director of Deccan Chronicle and is the owner of Deccan Chargers team.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009
India's most farmer friendly Chief Minister wins again and again...
YSR is a cool cat, he has be friended the majority of people in the state by reaching out to them with one program or the other. It is not an exaggeration to say that every family has benefited by this philanthropic leader.

Off late he has aquired new skills too, he stopped talking about irrelevent and worthless leaders and stopped reacting to baseless allegations and trivial coments by hopeless opposition leaders. He is simply widening the gapbetween him and his opponents with his new skills.

No wonder he is winning again and again ....and again ... and again !

Is he going to be next commercial Tax man ?

Ramnarayana has smashed his opponents in their home turf and the bonus is that the other Minister from the district has lost. We can expect a field day for him and hope he gets a powerful portfolio to make a big a difference to Nellore.

He must take up the challange of restoring all the seats to congress again with his solo play in the district.
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